Cloud Updates


Flex pilot enters first stages

During a recent survey, nine systems showed interest in piloting Chrome OS Flex. GPLS began talks with Google to configure and prepare for a 150 device pilot across these 9 systems. The pilot will run for one year (starting late summer 2022) and participating libraries will discuss their experiences at Tech Boot Camp 22.



Google announces Chrome OS Flex

A successor to Neverware's "CloudReady", acquired by Google in 2020, Chrome OS Flex allows you to convert old hardware into a Chrome OS device, receiving critical OS and security updates. This can be installed for free in standalone mode, or linked to a license and managed via the Google Admin Console, similarly to official Chrome devices. A great way to try out Chrome OS or extend the life of your old hardware.



Google Workspace Enterprise available for all

Google Workspace Enterprise has been made available for all statewide hosted google accounts. This includes unlimited storage, larger virtual meeting capability with recording, and significantly increased security. These new features will provide alternatives for libraries looking to reduce local infrastructure, lessening the burden on local resources.



Task manager disabled in all Managed Guest Sessions

Google has applied a change to our entire structure making the task manager unavailable for any Managed Guest Session. This will help prevent users from being able to kill management applications such as LibData.



DCPLS Joins GPLS G Suite:

DCPLS joined the GPLS hosted G Suite today and we are excited to have them! They moved to our hosting platform from Worldclient.



Digital Signage Part 2:

Cloudbakers released a great video showing how to set up digital signage with Chrome Sign Builder, see it on our digital signage for chrome page.


Permissions changes and 2 factor authentication:

All Chrome OS admin accounts were given reduces permissions to further increase our security. The permissions change should not impact your Chrome os management capabilities in any way but will help keep accidental changes to core services from occurring. We also recommend that any accounts with admin access enable 2 Factor Authentication if they haven’t already.


Digital Signage:

Kathleen McClure(Okefenokee Regional Library System) developed this awesome primer for digital signage with Chrome.


LibData Rate Sheet

LibData Purchase Examples

Time and print management:

The first test of time and print management software for chrome happened a few weeks ago at the Hogansville Public Library and was a success. It took months for the application to be approved by Google engineers but is now on the market. The app was developed by Charles Ellis of Libdata and piloted by Keith Schuermann.


Forced re-enrollment to domain:

A recent update to the chrome admin panel enabled “forced re-enrollment”. From now on, once a device is enrolled under any system in the georgialibraries domain it will be a permanent part of our domain unless an admin removes it through the admin panel. This means devices that are stolen can not be wiped and sold and will essentially be unusable. Verizon has used a similar tactic with their phones for years and has all but eliminated theft of their phones.

The first of the new, low cost Asus Chromeboxes have been deployed and have shown no issues so far.

Remember to purchase a Chrome admin license with each chrome device you order!