G Suite

GPLS has completed Migrating our statewide hosted email system to G Suite! Take a look at a few of the productivity tools included below

You can find resources and information about the migration here:

Want to join us on G Suite?

  • Please first contact GPLS IT to formally request to join. Include:
    • Name and email address of director and IT contact
    • Number of full and part-time employees
    • Current email system, amount of data
    • What you need migrated to the new system (email, calendar, contacts, etc.)
    • Required timeline (Is this an emergency? Has your current platform failed?)

What can you do to help Prep for migration?

  • Clean up any old accounts that are no longer needed
  • Make a list of accounts that can be converted to mailing lists/groups (any non employee account)
  • Alert GPLS of any planned domain changes