COVID-19 Guide

First response

  • PPE - GPLS re-allocated parts of the FY2020 operating budget to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) for our public libraries.

  • Chromebooks (Round 1) - Using remaining Library Technology (Lib Tech) funding from the State of Georgia, GPLS provided seven public library systems with ready-to-go Chromebooks that could immediately be deployed to K-12 students.

  • Public Access Guide - Web guide for our libraries to assist the public with finding internet access during the pandemic, including ways libraries can increase bandwidth, loan devices, and home internet deals.

  • Teleworking Resources - Resources for our libraries to assist with going remote for work, including helpful articles, quick tips, and video training/webinars.

  • Security Measures Guide - Web guide for our libraries to assist the public with how to stay secure while going to new remote environment, including tips to stay safe and training at home.

  • DIY COVID Supplies - Items being created in maker spaces around the world to help battle medical equipment shortages due to COVID-19.

  • Wi-Fi Availability Map - Wi-Fi availability map for Georgia's public libraries that can be accessed in the parking lot.