Available Grants


Focused on providing emergency relief to institutions and organizations working in the humanities that have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Awards on tiered level: Level 1 - $50,000, Level 2 - $200,000, and Level 3 - $500,000. Applications must show how the project will advance their mission during the interruption of their operations due to the coronavirus pandemic. Applicants may propose new humanities projects or focus on sustaining core humanities programs and activities. Topics can include the digital humanities, education, preservation and access, public programs, or research. A pre-recorded webinar has been provided by funder. Please note this grant requires a SAM.gov registration before applying, which may take over a month to complete.

Focused on COVID-19 relief that will assist libraries experiencing substantial economic hardship due to the pandemic impacts their ability to provide essential services to underserved populations in low to moderate income groups. Awards between $30,000 to $50,000. Applications must show how they will help support library operations, including but not limited to staff time, collections, technology, equipment. Applicants may propose to reestablish, sustain, amplify, or create new needed services, to underserved target audience(s). Eligible expenses may include staff time, collections, technology, equipment, materials, promotion, and operation expenses. Only one application per system or district. Watch the information session from ALA here!

Focused on youth literacy in Georgia. Awards up to $4,000.00. Proposals can include implementing new or expanding existing programs, purchasing new technology or equipment, or purchasing books, materials or software. You may need your FSCSKEY (or FSCS ID) number from IMLS: https://www.imls.gov/labs/search-compare/index. It will be the identifier next to your library system's name in the search (i.e. GA1234). The FSCS ID will belong to governing library system and not the individual branch. Login in to the online application for application requirements and grant contact information. If you have trouble creating an online account, please contact cgsupport@cybergrants.com to assist you with setting up your account.

Focused on digitizing historic collections that are open to the public, either by appointment or through regular hours. Project metadata will be included in the DLG portal and the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA). Projects may include the reformatting of textual materials (not including newspapers), graphic materials, or audio-visual materials. Materials should be prepared for a project start date of September 1, 2021. Application packages should be a 2 MB or smaller zip file that contains all the required documents. Webinar being held on April 15, 2021 at 2 PM. Please contact the GPLS Help Desk for more information as the grant does not have a dedicated webpage.

Focused on preparation of reading lists, webliographies, indexes, and other guides to library resources. Proposals should be research in nature with technology making up part of the budget. The grant will not cover the printing or online distribution of the final product. Awards up to $5,000. Proposal guidelines and a list of previous awards can be found on the ALA webpage for this grant.

Grant opportunity for emergency relief to protect cultural heritage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Awards up to $15,000 that can be renewed. Proposals must show urgent needs while making steps towards long-term sustainability. Possible support includes financial assistance for running costs, adoption of digital tools, and implementation of urgent measures. The grant has COVID-19 specific guidelines that should be reviewed before applying.

Grant opportunity for businesses, organizations, and individuals with awards up to $100,000 toward mobile app design/development, for qualified projects with high potential for positive social impact. There is a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic but the app could be for any need that will positively impact society.

  • Georgia-Pacific (GP) Foundation 4 E's Grant - Due Ongoing

Focused on programs in the four areas of education, environment, enrichment, and entrepreneurship. Applicants must be in a 30 mile radius of a GP community. Applications should be programmatic in nature, with technology making up a portion of the proposal. FAQs with important grant details are available here.

Focused on strengthening communities in Georgia. Different regions will have different focuses. Funder contacts are assigned by region and available for inquiries about the grant and your potential proposal. Applications should be programmatic in nature, with technology making up a portion of the proposal. If interested, please reach out in advance to see if your proposal is a good fit. After speaking with the North Georgia contact, they are looking for specific types of projects and prefer to review proposal ideas before applying.

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For assistance applying for tech grants, please do not hesitate to contact Shannan Furlow at the GPLS Help Desk.


Updated April 26, 2021