Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I need help with a grant application beyond the grant guidelines.

A. Applicants can either ask for GPLS staff assistance or contact the funding agency:

    • Please email the GPLS Help Desk for staff assistance.

    • Contact for the funding agency should be on the funding announcement or the grant website.

Q. I need help with my Dollar General Literacy grant application.

A. To setup your account to apply for the grant online:

    • Look up your FSCSKEY (or FSCS ID) number assigned by IMLS. The FSCS ID number is in parentheses next to the library system name (i.e. GA1234).

    • Email grant support this FSCS ID number and ask them to create an account for you to apply for this grant. They should give you login information for the online application (i.e. invitation code).

    • Once you have an account, you can log directly into the application.

    • If you need further assistance, please email the GPLS Help Desk.


Q. I would like my grant award to be added to the Funded Grants webpage or featured as a grant award story. How do I do submit that?

A. Please email the details to the GPLS Help Desk. Staff will add the information to the Funded Grants webpage and forward the story to GPLS Communications for promotion.

federal grants

Q. I would like to apply for federal grant. What should I do first?

A. There are three requirements for all federal grant applications. The first two take some time to complete so start them right away. The requirements are:

    1. Check for a DUNS Number

      • Complete form to get your number via email.

      • Note your DUNS number. You will need it for your account.

    2. Register for a account

      • First search to see if you have an existing account. The results will also show if there are issues with your DUNS number.

      • If you don't have a account, you will need to apply for one. This process takes 4-8 weeks so start early.

    3. Create account

      • You will need to create a workspace in order to apply for a grant.

mailing list

Q. How can I get notices of new grant opportunities/available grants?

A. To get emails from LIFT about available grants, please subscribe to the Tech Talk listserv. New grant opportunities can also be found on the Available Grants webpage.

Updated 6/23/2020