spotlight on large tech grants

National Science Foundation (NSF) grant opportunity geared towards the development of a "foundation" that will create smart and connected communities. Focusing on community partnerships, this grant funds projects that research and plan using social and technological components to fulfill a community need. Grant application deadline - February 24, 2021

Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS) dedicated part of the recently awarded federal CARES Act funding, along with state and private grant funding, to fund a variety of technology projects that support the connectivity needs of our public libraries during the pandemic. Possible projects include G Suite migrations, Chromebook lending, tech innovations, Wi-Fi expansions, and broadband infrastructure. Final grant application deadline - January 31, 2021.

Partnering with Google, American Library Association (ALA) developed an initiative that focuses on getting resources to the people to develop the digital skills needed to search for jobs and grow their businesses. Using a combination of ALA and Grow with Google resources, funded public libraries will receive support for virtual library services that target these areas and use at least one of their recommended resources. Additional funding was provided through a state grant awarded to Georgia Public Library Service (GPLS). Final grant application deadline - October 15, 2021

Institute of Museum and Library Services' (IMLS) program that supports library and archives services nationwide by advancing theory and practice. Funded projects focus on strengthening the connection of libraries and other related organizations to their communities in three areas: transforming school library practice, community memory and digital inclusion. The grant also builds capacity by creating cohorts that collaborate in a community of practice. Grant application deadline - December 2, 2019