3D Printer Instructions

If you have received this printer in one of our Technology Loaner Kits please watch the videos below to see how to setup the device. Once finished please also follow the written instructions further down this page.

Written Instructions and Manual:

Attach filament spool through tube:

Plug in to power (round power plug on rear of printer)

Plug in to USB (usb plug on rear of printer to included laptop)

Turn on (power switch on REAR of printer)

Open Afinia software on desktop and click initialize:

Plug aux cable into rear base and then into magnetic probe. Attach the magnetic probe(magnet side will fit perfectly in slot on printer head) and click “Auto Level” in software:

Unplug the data cable from the magnetic probe and remove the magnetic prob and set aside.

Plug cable into back of print surface and click “Nozzle Height Detect”:

*Before automatic calibration be sure there is no stringy filament hanging down from the nozzle. This will cause the auto detect to calibrate poorly. If there is, wiggle it side to side with pliers/tweezers until it breaks off or snip it with the included wire cutters.

Remove the data cable and set it aside with the magnetic probe, you will need to perform the auto level and nozzle height calibration before each print.

Click maintenance then extrude to load filament:

Click open in Afinia software, browse to your STL file and load it:

Print your 3D model:

Removing the print from the build plate. Please let the plate cool, then remove the perforated board from the printer by temporarily bending the spring clips back or below to loosen and remove the board. Then remove your print with the supplied putty knife:

Once the platform has been scraped clean on both sides, reattach it and level the build plate and calibrate the nozzle height before printing again.

Removing supports from printed parts:

When finished with the printer, please withdraw the filament and pack it carefully in the supplied box in the same way it arrived. If it is low on filament, or you run out/need more please contact loanerkits@georgialibraries.org

*Instructions adapted from the Afinia H480 Manual.