Google Workspace

News and Upcoming Changes:

  • Upgrade to Enterprise: Beginning October 1st, 2021 all accounts were upgraded to Google Workspace Enterprise Standard. Check out the chart of differences between the old and new licenses to see all the new features rolling out. You can also watch the presentation from TBC21 covering these updates. A few key changes:

    • Recording is enabled on all accounts in Meet and user limit has been raised to 250

    • Email and Google Drive storage is now unlimited

    • "Shared Drives" are available in Drive (similar to network shares, no single file owner)

    • Enhanced security, DLP, and audit capabilities are available for all accounts

  • Chat: Beginning January 11th, 2021 all GPLS hosted G Suite users will be transitioned to Google’s newest enterprise-grade collaboration product, Google Chat. Chat has a modern UI, team rooms that support better team collaboration, bots to help you be more productive, and much more. Starting the 11th, staff will begin using Chat for 1:1 direct messages (DMs), group messages, and team discussions.

  • Meet: Through September 30th, 2020 all GPLS hosted G Suite users will be able to have up to 250 participants per call, record meetings, and configure live streaming. After the 30th, the maximum participants total will reduce to 100 and the live stream/recording options will be disabled.

GPLS has completed Migrating our statewide hosted email system to Google Workspace, Take a look at a few of the productivity tools included below

Want to join us on Google Workspace?

  • Please first contact GPLS IT to formally request to join. Include:

    • Name and email address of director and IT contact

    • Number of full and part-time employees

    • Current email system, amount of data

    • What you need migrated to the new system (email, calendar, contacts, etc.)

    • Required timeline (Is this an emergency? Has your current platform failed?)

What can you do to help Prep for migration?

  • Clean up any old accounts that are no longer needed

  • Make a list of accounts that can be converted to mailing lists/groups (any non employee account)

  • Alert GPLS of any planned domain changes