COVID-19 Response

First response

Long Term Response

Chrome Devices

Over 8,000 Chrome devices have been distributed to Georgia's public libraries since the beginning of the pandemic. These devices build on existing Chrome use in libraries, but expanded the service beyond in-house offerings for internet use, catalog machines, and digital signage by focusing on patron lending. Chrome devices provide a save, private, and easy to use environment for patrons, at a price point lower than traditional laptops or tablets - all managed in the cloud.

Livestream and Marketing Kits

The GPLS Library Live Streaming Kits were developed in an effort to provide Georgia's public libraries with an all-in-one kit of the latest technology to live stream and record everything from classes, new library location openings, special events, story times, podcasts, oral history, and more! 

GPLS provided a series of tutorial videos to help guide libraries to become experts at live streaming, audio and video recording, and editing. 

Email & Productivity Support

Through Google Workspace, GPLS provides email and productivity support for the majority of Georgia's public libraries. During the pandemic GPLS rapidly migrated multiple systems from alternative solutions to Workspace, greatly increasing their ability to collaborate remotely, share and store critical files, and manage virtual programming and meetings. Alongside these newly added systems, GPLS expanded the capabilities of our managed Workspace platform by upgrading all hosted libraries to a higher tier - providing (among other things) unlimited storage, larger virtual meeting capabilities, and enhanced security. Additional systems are in the planning stages of migrating to our managed service.

Remote Device Management

After testing the software internally early in the pandemic, GPLS developed a solution using remote device management and control software that could be expanded to all devices statewide. Libraries can deploy this software to assist in device management, updates, and remote staff/patron support. The software and hardware is managed centrally by GPLS staff and allows library system IT to save time traveling between branches, increase the quality of their services, and remotely support a distributed fleet of devices.

Extended backups

New backup systems were put in place to support the recently expanded cloud storage under Google Workspace. Google Workspace provided by GPLS supports the vast majority of Georgia's public libraries, and with the newly expanded features from the upgrade to Workspace Enterprise, storage through Google Drive is being used more than ever. GPLS developed and implemented a large, managed storage system that provides backups going back months, significantly expanding on Drive's native backup system, and providing much needed redundancy.

Library Websites Refresh

GPLS-hosted library websites are currently being migrated and upgraded to a new platform hosted by Revize. This new system focuses on easy management, accessibility, and security. 35+ systems will be migrated from WordPress environments to a highly customizable theme developed exclusively for Georgia's libraries on Revize's own CMS. Migration and training will be provided by Revize, and current content will be moved to the new systems, ensuring minimal downtime.

Hybrid Event Equipment

Upgraded AV and livestreaming equipment was purchased to facilitate hybrid events and high quality recordings. Projectors, screens, and a new audio system were paired with a high-end camera, streamdeck, and powerful laptop running OBS Studio to provide a seamless connection between in-person and virtual audiences at GPLS conferences. This has expanded the number of possible attendees and provided a way for participants that are unable take part in person to not just view conference recordings, but participate in real time. High quality recordings of events were made possible, extended the lifespan and usefulness of training and conference information by posting it to the GPLS learning center.