Google Workspace Admin Training

Here is where you can find training for Google Workspace Admins only.

Admin rights allow you to manage accounts, reset passwords, create mailing lists, aliases and more. Viewing the training is absolutely imperative as these rights also give you the ability to make changes that can harm not just your system, but others as well.

You are also welcome to opt out of an admin account/training and, instead, submit helpdesk tickets when changes are needed. This has been done by many systems in the past and does not create any burden for GPLS.

*As we migrate our Google Workspace training information from Apps Academy to galibtech, you may find documentation split between both sites. Apps Academy will shut down December 2021.

Admin Training videos

  • Please visit the GPLS Learning center to find the latest training videos. We require all prospective Google Workspace admins watch the latest admin console training video and Groups training video before requesting rights in the admin console.