Retro Kit Equipment

The retro kit is a collection of digitization tools for various types of media. Its design was a collaborative effort between GPLS IT and Georgia HomePLACE as a demonstration for the LIT lab at the 2018 Tech Boot Camp.

Ion Conversion Turntable MaxLP

The Ion Max LP is a simple all-in-one turntable that makes it easy to convert all records into digital music files on the computer.


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Ion Tape Converter

The Ion Tape converter can convert any cassette tape into a digital file that can be transferred with its USB connection to a computer or digital player.


Buy here for $19.50

Cassette Cleaner

Cleaner maintains cassette Player head's that build up residue with each use and reduces the lifespan of the cassette player. All that is required to use is to put 2-3 drops of the cleaning solution into the cleaner tape and play it in the cassette player.

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VHS-C Adapter

With the VHS converter it is possible to convert home movies made with camcorder's and convert them into standard VHS tapes which can be played on any VCR player.

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VHS Head Cleaner

This VHS cleaner is an easy to use tool that can clean out a VHS player and allow for a cleaner playback of all tapes and keeps the player in pristine condition. It cleans by applying 2-3 drops of the cleaning solution in the cleaner and playing it in the VCR player.

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Sanyo DVD/VCR Player

This player allow's the use of both DVD's and VHS's with audio connections available on the front and back which allows video capture this is a great multimedia tool.


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Analog Video Capture

Digitizes video from analogue video sources such as VCR players, and allows for playback on computer's.


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Record Cleaning Kit

Kit includes a velvet cleaning pad and cleaning solution that removes dust and other debris from the records ensuring top performance.

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