DHS Kiosk Program


Georgia Public Library Service is proud to partner with the Georgia Department of Human Services to provide free self-service benefits kiosks to all of Georgia’s public libraries. 

The DHS Benefits Kiosk Program seeks to place the tools for benefits-eligible families in safe, convenient, wifi-enabled locations, like public libraries, to maximize accessibility. With more than 2.5 times as many public libraries as DHS offices across Georgia--and with their longer hours of operation, many with weekend service--this partnership will provide easy access to benefits information in every community. 

The kiosks will facilitate easy access to the Department of Human Services' Georgia Gateway website, from which users are able to apply for, renew, change, and review their benefits, including SNAP, CAPS, PeachCare, TANF, Medicaid, and WIC. Support for this program is provided through Food and Nutrition Service grant funds administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


During Summer 2023, Georgia’s public libraries have the opportunity to apply to receive one Benefits Kiosk per public-service facility. Requests for enclosures that work with bookmobiles and mobile outreach vehicles will be filled as funds allow. This is a one time application and orders will be filled Q4 2023 through Q1 2024.

The kiosks are comprised of three parts: 

The Chromebooks will be restricted to allow access to the secure Georgia Gateway website, DHS’s portal for benefits applications, renewals, and changes. Chromebooks will be pre-configured to wipe and reset after a short period of inactivity; no personal documents or uploads will be retained on the device itself.  

General Requirements

Shipping & Assembly

Management & Use


Medicaid Redetermination & Georgia’s Public Libraries webinar

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 at 1:00pm

Event recording

Other training resources:


Following the distribution and installation of kiosks in libraries across the state, GPLS will request survey feedback at the 6-month and 1-year marks and will continue to monitor usage through the duration of the 5-year program.


A library marketing toolkit will be made available on the main GPLS website (georgialibraries.org). Stay tuned for updates!

We encourage libraries to partner with their local DHS office(s) to cross-promote resources and provide the most up-to-date information about DHS services. Find your local DHS office here


Are kiosks intended just for this period of Medicaid Redetermination/Unwinding? 

No! The kiosks will support all types of public health benefits--not just Medicaid Redetermination. This includes TANF, SNAP, PeachCare, WIC, and CAPS. 

Will the kiosks be a drain on staff resources?

The kiosks are self-serve and will be most useful to clients who are renewing their benefits, checking their status, or filing routine changes. Library staff are not expected to answer questions about benefits eligibility or handle sensitive patron data--in fact, DHS has explicitly requested that client questions be referred to them. DHS clients requiring guidance should be directed to their nearest DHS office. DHS will be supplying handouts to libraries to support referrals. 

How will patrons know where to access kiosks?

We will be conducting a big statewide awareness campaign once the kiosks are delivered and set up. GPLS and DHS will maintain an online list of participating locations.

How do patrons reset access to their Gateway accounts?

The Gateway web page currently offers “Forgot my ID” and “Forgot my Password” options for clients who need to reset their credentials. DHS is preparing more detailed guidance for libraries for those patrons who no longer have access to their provided email accounts or phone numbers, and we will be sure to share that information widely as soon as it’s available. 

What does accessibility mode in Google Chrome Kiosk Mode look like?

The GPLS IT team has developed a Google Chrome Accessibility guidance cheat sheet, complete with settings and screenshots.

How do these devices handle the sensitive information stored on them during a session?

The Chrome tablets operate similarly to the configuration of any other Chrome device you may already have in rotation. This means the data stored during a session is wiped the second the device reaches its idle timeout, or when a user signs out. The device will wipe itself and refresh to a new page, with no data remaining on the device, and no session information reported back up to the Google console. 

What happens if we have a hardware, software, or website issue on the device?

*GPLS and DHS have mirrored testing devices on hand so we will see the same thing all library kiosks do and can easily assist with troubleshooting as needed.

Will there be future opportunities to participate if my library isn’t quite ready?

While we hope to be funded for additional kiosk and social benefits access expansion in the future, funds are currently only available for this one-time opportunity. If you are at all interested in providing expanded access to DHS benefits at your library, we encourage you to let us know.

Questions about Medicaid Unwinding?

Here are some resources provided by DHS for community partners receiving questions about Medicaid Unwinding/Redetermination: