What Is Chrome Kiosk Mode?

Single App Kiosk Mode allows the device to be used in a single window/app viewing mode, essentially hiding all the other functionality of the chrome device. The user is unable to close or change the site or program they are locked in to. This can be great when you want to deliver a full screen window to a specific site only, or want to make sure the device is as locked down as possible. Regular Kiosk Mode is similar but allows the end user a little more control over things like the web browser.

Why Should I Use Kiosk Mode?

Using Kiosk Mode, you can deliver a clean and simple interface for things like OPACs, Digital Signage, special programs, and self checkout machines. By removing other options you can be sure that your device is only being used for what you intended.

How Do I Configure Kiosk Mode?

Kiosk Mode is enabled in the Chrome admin console, and can be configured as an auto-launching public session kiosk, or an auto-launching kiosk app. Setting it as an auto-launching kiosk app configures it for single app kiosk mode.

How Do I Create A Kiosk App?

Creating a Kiosk App is as simple as you want it to be. You can use the Chrome App Builder to generate a simple container for a website, or redesign the experience from scratch. This walk-through from Google will help you learn how to create your first kiosk app, publish it, and configure it to auto-run. If you do create your own app and need help getting it to run or configuring it within the Chrome admin console please contact GPLS IT via the help desk website or email.