IT steps for branding updates or mergers

With the number of mergers or branding updates in recent years, we wanted to capture a list of all the essential steps, best practices, and things to look out for when updating your branding. Take a look at the checklist below to get an idea of what needs to be done:

Checklist for updating branding or merging systems.pdf

Mergers Panel from Tech Boot Camp 2021:

How do you manage merging two systems together? Changing a logo or name patrons have known for years? What kind of impact does that have across the system, with staff, and with patrons? Where does the role of IT start in this process, does it ever end, and why is IT so involved anyway?

Join this panel of multiple systems that have recently undergone a merger or rebranding to hear about how they handled it, what best practices they came up with, and what they would do differently next time. We will talk about the benefits of rebranding, the opportunity to re-introduce a system to the local community, and some of the difficulties along the way.

Hosted by: Daniel Zeiger

Speakers: Shelly Baker, Nancy Condon, David Daniels, Virginia Marie Greene, Deborah Hakes, Kevin Sweat, Hetal Vyas