Laser Cutter - Flux Beamo

Flux Beamo 30 watt, "desktop laser cutter"

Flux beamo

With a small footprint, a 30w laser, and easy to use software, the Flux Beamo is a great entry point for new laser cutter enthusiasts. With an 11.8 x 8.2 inch working area, you can easily fit a standard sheet of paper in.

Beam Air - Filtration System

Beam Air uses a highly effective 4 - layer filtration system and a brushless motor with super air intake to block harmful molecules and odors generated during laser engraving.

"Beam Air" - filtration system for laser cutter

Information, tips and tricks

Tips and tricks:

  • When ordering, decide on a good place that will allow you to vent outdoors, even if you purchase a filtration system. Smells can still escape and though, with proper filtration you are safe, it may be irritating to patrons.

  • Make sure you have good filtration, it keeps you and your laser's optics happy!

  • Track the hours of use in a simple but effective manner. Most parts and filters have a maximum number of use hours.

  • Keep a list of safe and unsafe materials posted next to the cutter so you don't accidentally cut something harmful. If you cant be sure what you are cutting is made of, it is best not to risk it. Unsafe materials are a danger to your health, and can foul up the optics in your machine.