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List of Services by Category:

Broadband (E-rate, Wifi Map)

E-Rate - Georgia Public Library Service provides consulting services to assist libraries in the evaluation and selection of Internet Service Providers for the procurement of broadband. GPLS’s E-Rate department supports libraries in conducting vendor assessments and contract negotiations and with filing for E-Rate applications, the federal program that provides libraries a percentage discount on internet access. GPLS funds the non-E-Rated portion of broadband costs for each library system, ensuring that all patrons of Georgia’s libraries, regardless of location, are afforded access to a high-speed connection to the Internet. 

WiFi Availability Map - Locations of all library branches in GA, with WiFi info, speed, and other available services.

Emerging Technology (Boot Camp, Loaner Kits, Tech Deals, etc.)

Tech Boot Camp - TBC is an initiative of the Georgia Public Library Service to bring together IT professionals from library systems across the state to share experiences and ideas and to explore opportunities made possible by emerging technologies. Tech Boot Camp is usually hosted annually.

Technology Loaner Kits - For the purpose of keeping Georgia citizens up to date on emerging technologies and to provide hands-on familiarization and training for library staff, GPLS created Technology Loaner Kits. These Kits contain a wide variety of technology, from 3D printers, to virtual reality, and more. The kits can be checked out by a library system for internal use or public programming. Refer here for more information about our Tech Loaner Kit program, and all the other Kits that are in circulation

Tech Fund (Info, Purchasing Plans, reimbursements, Vendor Menu)

Tech Funding - The Library Technology (Lib Tech) Fund is a program that oversees annual bond funding received from the Georgia General Assembly for the purpose of the improvement and upgrade of public access computers and technology infrastructure in Georgia public libraries. The program is managed by the GPLS IT department, which advises library systems on purchasing items, reviews documentation submitted for accuracy, troubleshoots any issues with the process, and ensures the program meets state guidelines and policies. The funding cycle runs on a fiscal year basis with a final report-out to the directors at the spring directors meeting. Library systems submit a purchasing plan for approval in fall, spend funds in winter, and submit a packet for reimbursement in spring. Once the packet is reviewed and approved, payment is sent to the library systems from the State of Georgia within 30 days of receipt. Successful funding of this program is due to the continued advocacy by the State Librarian, public libraries, and GPLS staff every year during the legislative session. 

Cloud (Chrome OS, G Suite)

Chrome - GPLS IT hosts and assists with the configuration of Chrome OS devices across Georgia’s libraries. These devices are used in a wide variety of ways - from OPACs to adult use machines, even digital signage. Chrome devices are built on a web based OS, allowing simple management from anywhere via the cloud, at a lower price point compared to traditional desktops.

G Suite - GPLS hosts and manages Google’s email and productivity suite (G Suite) on behalf of the majority of Georgia’s libraries. This suite provides access to email, cloud data storage, online document editing/management and many more services. Training and support can be found on galibtech and our Google Apps Academy site, as well as the GPLS Learning Center


Cybersecurity - GPLS offers cybersecurity consulting services to all public libraries. We currently offer assistance for incident response, policy development, and best practice. Feel free to check out the Cybersecurity section of the galibtech site and have your technical staff join the Cybersecurity Google Group where we post updates and information about general security issues, as well as issues that directly impact GPLS hosted services. 

LIFT (available Grants, Resources)

Grant Assistance - The Library Initiatives for Funding Technology (LIFT) Grants program focuses on assisting Georgia public libraries with finding additional funding for technology to be used in library programming and services. The program is managed by the IT department, which shares available grant opportunities, holds webinars on specific grants, brainstorms ideas with interested libraries, and assists funding seekers with applications before submission. Support can be provided through staff assistance and/or via a self-service clearinghouse of resources. Libraries can choose as little or as much help as they need. Using LIFT as a resource for grant applications can lead to successful funding efforts

Help Desk, Listserv, Training

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Tech Training:

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