Adding GPLS as a Consultant

If you are looking for a higher level of help from GPLS, you have the option of adding GPLS as a consulting firm and your State E-Rate Coordinator as a user to your EPC profile. There are a few things that necessary to make this happen:

  • Make sure you have read and signed a Service Level Agreement with GPLS and emailed it back to GPLS.
  • Follow this short, step-by-step video guide provided by USAC that guides you through the process. There are three simple steps to take.
    • Information you need to know for your specific library's needs:
      • ONLY YOUR ACCOUNT ADMINISTRATOR CAN ADD A CONSULTANT--Make sure the person listed as Account Administrator in your EPC profile is logged in for this process.
      • GPLS' Consultant Registration Number (CRN) is 17015401
      • Select your State E-Rate Coordinator as a user and assign only "Partial Rights" to your Coordinator in the "Add a User to your EPC account" step