Accessibility Cheat Sheet

Print this sheet and place it near chrome devices so users know the quick shortcuts to enable built in accessibility tools.

Turning on ChromeVox

ChromeVox is the screen reader built into Chrome OS. It allows users to navigate a computer using sound prompts and a keyboard. It’s a great tool for your patrons who are blind.

Option One

  1. Press Control+Alt+Z at any time to turn ChromeVox on or off.

Option Two

  1. Click the time on the lower right corner

2. Click Accessibility

3. Click ChromeVox, or any of the other accessibility applications to turn it on.

If you click the time and it is not showing Accessibility

  1. Click the gear

2. Find Accessibility in the list and click the button by “Always show accessibility options in the system menu”

*Special thanks to Stephanie Irvin, outreach librarian for GLASS, for these instructions.