TBC 18 Agenda

2018 Technology Boot Camp


April 24-26, 2018

Funded by the Library Science and Technology Act through the Institute of Museum and Library Services


11a – 1p – Meet & Greet / Registration

1130 – 1p – Lunch / Networking / Eating & Learning

1pOpening Ceremonies – Welcome to Tech Boot Camp! We’ll go over how this whole thing works:

  • Room assignments
  • Meals
  • Parking
  • The Buddy System
  • Demo Labs
  • Analog Board Game Night
  • Trivia
  • Groot contest
  • Prize Drawing

130p – (In)Security Block

Information Security: From Sceptre to your X-Box: Tips and Tricks to Protect Staff and Public Machines

  • Todd Watson – CISO, Board of Regents, University System of Georgia
  • Info Security Q&Al – What is Everyone Doing/How Are They Responding?

330p – Break / Room Check-in / Networking / Eating & Learning

4pDigitization 101: The one-stop shop for figuring out how best to get your collections online and out there for the world to see. Also, get a sneak peek at the new kits! Shiny.

Angela Stanley, Director, Georgia HOMEPLACE, GPLS

6p – Dinner / Networking / Eating & Learning

7p– Midnight – Demo Lab Open

7pNerd Trivia. The questions are even more esoteric than last year. #talknerdytome


9a – Guardians of the Library: How Technology is Perceived, Legislated and Disrupted in Public Libraries

Emily Almond – Director, IT, GPLS

10a – Niche Academy Demonstration

Jared Oates

Jeremy Wilson

1045a – Break / Networking / Eating & Learning

11a – Broadband Block

E-Rate Category2: Figure out what you need and how to get the $

  • Candice Hall, E-Rate Analyst, Board of Regents, University System of Georgia
  • Sue Plaksin, IT Network Program Manager, GPLS

Pilot Program for T-Mobile Hotspots

Burr Osinach, Electronic Resource Librarian, Cobb County

Public Library System

1230p – Lunch / Networking / Eating & Learning

130p – Google Block

Chrome in Public Libraries: Exploring functionalities like the Google Dialog Flow to build a Digital Library Assistant.

Nick Gamache, State/Local Account Manager, Google

Tom Muir, Chrome Sales Specialist, Googl

Chrome Around the World: It All Started in Georgia’s Libraries

Charles Ellis, Principle, LibData

Chrome Admin Settings: An overview and a refresher. Lots has changed. Of course it has. It’s Google.

Daniel Zeiger, System Administrator, GPLS

Dave Daniels, Technology Support, Sara Hightower Regional Library System

Sign up for admin console training here

Sign up for Chrome Google Group here

330p – Break / Snacks / Networking / Eating & Learning

4pMission Access Panel – How Technology Facilitates Access

  • Adding iMac PCs for ADA AccessBurr Osinach, Electronic Resources Librarian, Cobb County Public Library System
  • Chrome and Android Built-Ins – Dave Daniels, Technology Support, Sara Hightower Regional Library System
  • Facilitated by Pat Herndon, Director, GLASS (Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services) and Keith Haun, Technical Support Librarian. GLASS

445p If You Got Hit by a Bus Tomorrow What are the most important things you’d like for your Director to know? For your colleagues to know? If you could do a robot-consciousness transfer, what are the most salient points you’d like to share?

Facilitated by GPLS team

630p – Dinner / Networking / Eating & Learning

730pAnalog Board Game Night: Going Old School. Bring your old Magic Cards and D&D games. (You know you still have them.) Bring your new board games! Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, etc. We will also be utilizing the projector to host a MMORPG If you just can’t not go online.)


730a – Breakfast / Networking / Eating & Learning

9a – PINES block

  • Hatch: Storage and Printing in Evergreen Web Client
  • Web Client!

10a – Emerging Technologies in GA Libraries: What to Expect with MRR & other Tech Funding in the Coming Year

Emily Almond, Director, IT, GPLS

Shannan Furlow, IT Program Manager, GPLS

1030a – Break / Snacks / Networking / Eating & Learning

11a – I Wish I’d Known Then What I Know Now (working title) – The chance for us to build on the “Hit by a Bus” conversation and for the newbies among us to ask the more seasoned of us, “what are the biggest challenges that you have faced and how have you overcome them?”

Facilitated by anyone at GPLS who has not yet lost their voice

1130aLightning Rounds! Don’t have a presentation per se but still want to share something pretty cool? This is the spot. 10-15m ea

  • Krayon Kiosk, Katherine Gregory, Assistant Director, Bartram Trail Regional Library
  • Windows Updates, Phillip Miller, IT Support, Thomas County Public Library System
  • Passport Stations, Neil Byrd, IT Manager, Hall County Library System
  • Facilitated by Dawn Dale, PINES System Administrator, GPLS

1230pClosing Ceremonies