LIB Tech Fund

Intentions for FY2019 Library Technology Improvement and Upgrade Funds

The allocation for these funds is specifically for the improvement and upgrade of public access computers and technology infrastructure:

    • Technology - replacement equipment with a five-year shelf life.
    • Larger Projects - specific equipment that is allowed as long as it is a part of larger technology project.

Please refer to the allowable items list, EZ guide, and FAQs to guide purchasing plans and reimbursements.

FY2019 Timeline

Please note – if you are able to submit the requested documents earlier than the deadline, please do so.

    • 10.26.2018 – Deadline to submit a Lib Tech Purchasing Plan for approval.
    • 02.28.2019 – Deadline to submit a Lib Tech Payment Request for reimbursement.

Visit the Discounts and Vendor Menu page for more ideas! Any item not on the menu will be reviewed in order to ensure it complies with the intention of Lib Tech funding.

  1. If you have any questions, please email Shannan Furlow.

Fy2019 PROCess

    1. Use the FY2019 Lib Tech Purchasing Plan (excel doc) to fill out your plan.
    2. Check against the allowable items list.
    3. Use the Purchasing Plan link to submit to GPLS. (Deadline: 10/26/18)
    4. Spend money.
    5. Fill out a FY2019 Lib Tech Payment Request form (excel doc):
    6. Check sample reimbursement packet to make sure all required documentation is included. (Invoices, plans, check stubs, etc.)
    7. Use the Payment Request Form link to submit packet for reimbursement to GPLS. (Deadline: 02/28/19)

FY2019 Resources

FY19 Lib Tech Timeline REVISED.pdf

TIMELINE (revised)

FY19 Lib Tech EZ Guide.pdf


Allowable Items APPROVED 100218.pdf


Sample FY19 Lib Tech Payment Request Packet v3.pdf



Includes information on allocations, allowable items, larger projects, and more!

FY2019 Lib Tech Funding Overview FINAL.pdf


FY2019 Lib Tech Funding Year Overview - including high impact areas!