Chrome Device Setup

The following information is subject to change. We will be editing & adding content as libraries continue to deploy Chrome:

BE AWARE: The admin console is accessed with the credentials given to you by GPLS. At this time all admins have some cross-system access, therefore we ask you to not log in to the admin console unless you have been trained by GPLS. If you do log in to the admin console, be sure you are only making changes to your own system.

Steps to take when you get your Chrome devices:

Step 1. Open a helpdesk ticket with GPLS stating the name of your system and branches that will have the chrome devices in them.

Step 2. On the devices there will be a serial number. Decide what group you want that serial number in and send a list of the groups and their serial numbers to GPLS. (Example: Blue Library System has the Teal branch under it that will be using Chromeboxes. Under this branch there will be 2 groups, kids and adults. Then list the serial numbers that will be under kids and the ones that will be adults).

Blue Regional Library System

-Teal County


—Serial numbers of Chrome devices here


—Serial numbers of Chrome devices here

You can use this example spreadsheet if you’d like: Serial Numbers. Add and remove groups as needed.

Step 3. When the devices boot up they will need to be enrolled. Please press ctrl+alt+e at the sign in screen to enter enterprise enrollment (if enterprise enrollment doesn’t automatically come up) and enroll them with the username and password given to you by GPLS.

Instructions here

Once all devices are enrolled let GPLS know. They will move the devices to the groups that you defined earlier and work with you to configure the group settings.


To set up a cloud printer with print management you will need additional software such as LibData

To setup a printer without print management (free print) follow the instructions below:

For a "cloud ready" printer, use the instructions that came with your printer and log in with the username and password given to you by GPLS for enrollment.

Instructions here

To use a non-cloud ready or traditional networked printer, download Google cloud print and connect your printer following the instructions then let GPLS know the name of the printer you just connected. (please name your printer with system initials and branch in the title. Example: GPLS-HQ-HPCLX2150). GPLS will assist in connecting the printer to the desired locations.

Instructions here

Digital Signage:

Digital Signage information can be found here

Resetting or Re-imaging Chrome Devices :

Resetting a Chrome device – This is useful if you accidentally sign in with your personal account before enrolling the device.

Re-image a Chrome device – This is useful if a machine is having trouble updating or printing, you are seeing strange errors, or if you are having trouble pulling updated settings.

Ordering Chrome OS Management Licenses:

Please contact GPLS via helpdesk or emailing Daniel Zeiger before purchasing any management licenses. Licenses are required per device to manage Chrome devices, however there is a very specific ordering process required to make sure you get the best price and that the licenses arrive in the correct location.


Ordering Chrome Devices:

Chrome devices have an "Auto Update policy" this policy determines when a device will no longer be supported. When device support ends, the Chrome device will no longer receive updates and some aspects of the admin console management may no longer work properly. Most devices have at least 6.5 years of support from the initial date of manufacture, please be sure to check how long your device will receive support before ordering.