Tech Loaner Kits FAQs

What is a Tech Loaner Kit?

For the purpose of keeping Georgia citizens up to date on emerging technologies and to provide hands-on familiarization and training for library staff, the Georgia Public Library Service created the “Technology Loaner Kit” (TLK) program. GPLS circulated a number of varying technology kits that are updated or changed out on a regular basis. All kits are circulated via courier in hard cases, loaned for a minimum of two weeks, and have links to more information and instructions for each included item here on the galibtech site.

What type of equipment is in the Kit?

  • The Tech Loaner Kits contain various products such as tablets, thin clients, Chrome devices, wireless hotspots, wireless routers, security cameras, firewalls, STEM learning kits, Raspberry Pis and more. Click here to learn more about the equipment currently contained in the kits.

  • The contents of the kits will evolve over time – as tech becomes antiquated, we will replace it with emerging tech in which patrons and staff would be interested.

  • Each device comes with any necessary accessories, and each kit is housed in a rugged case.

  • If you have ideas for a kit or would like to see specific hardware, please let us know, here.

How do I reserve it?

  1. Please review the Technology Loaner Kit use policy.

  2. Read through these frequently asked questions (FAQs).

  3. Check the reservation calendar for availability.

  4. Complete the Tech Loaner Kit Reservation Form to reserve the kit.

  5. The maximum loan period is two weeks. Please consult with GPLS IT staff if more time is needed.

  6. GPLS IT staff will contact you with a confirmation.

How long can I keep it?

Tech Loaner Kits can be reserved for up to a two week period. This period can be adjusted longer/shorter if needed.

How often can I reserve it?

A Kit can be reserved as many times as it is available. Back to back reservations can be requested but may not be approved depending on current demand.

What do we do when the kit arrives?

When the Kit arrives at your library please email to confirm receipt and receive the lock code.

How do we secure it?

Each Kit comes with a set of locks. When not in use, keep the Kits locked. Only the receiver of the Kit will be given the combination to the locks. Please do not share the combination with other staff members.

Now that we have it, what can we do with it?

You can use it for staff training, patron classes, programming, boot camps, maker spaces – anything you like. Some uses include:

  • Using the materials as a way of teaching patrons how to access electronic resources on mobile device.

  • Training staff on the use new technology.

  • Experimenting with the tech to see if your system would like to purchase it .

How do I know what everything is/how everything works?

Each device is documented on our website with a description, a user manual and the current market price. The name and price are also on the physical device.

Can I take the Kit out to do outreach in the community?

Yes, planned programming for outreach is encouraged.

Once we are done with it, what do I do?

Tech Loaner Kits are part of the PINES courier route. When the date of retrieval has arrived a PINES courier will pick up the kits and deliver it back to GPLS for review. After it is received by GPLS, IT staff will send out a mandatory survey to request feedback about the kit. This survey includes a place to upload programming, pictures and other records of use.

What happens if something breaks or parts are lost/stolen?

If something should occur to any device in the Tech Loaner Kit, please send an email regarding the device/s to

We took pictures of our program. Where can I upload them to share with GPLS?

We love to hear about great programming. Please send all pictures and accolades to