3D Printer Kit


This is the plastic 3D printers melt down and use like ink. There are many different colors and types. The main two types are ABS and PLA. ABS is a standard, high temp, plastic that is used in things like car bumpers. PLA is a low temp, biodegradable plastic created from plant products. Here is where the two plastics divide and will help to explain why different groups prefer one over the other.

There are also other filament types including, but not limited to: wood, copper, brass, iron, flexible, transparent, TPU, nylon, recycled, conductive and many more.

3d pen

Using the same plastic and technology as a 3D printer, you can draw in 3D!

Get creative with your filament: use conductive filament to draw a working circuit, or inject PLA into a broken part from a 3D printer. Push ABS into a cracked bumper, or weld printed parts together.

See it in action here: