TechNOLOGY Planning

GPLS IT is here to assist Georgia's public libraries with various aspects of technology planning. If there is anything missing from this page that you would like to see, please reach out and let us know!

Multi-Year Tech Plans

The multi-year technology plan document is the cornerstone of technology planning for public libraries. Whether you are taking your first foray into assembling a plan or you've written and updated more technology plans than you can count, we hope that the resources below will make your life a little easier!

Technology Planning Resources from WebJunction

These bite-size articles are a perfect way to get your planning process on the right track:

Example Technology Plans

Not sure exactly what a technology plan should look like? Or maybe you just want to see what other library systems are doing? The folders below have some examples of recent library technology plans, both from your peers in Georgia libraries and libraries across the country.

Technology Plan Outline

This outline provides an overview of some of the most common content included in a library technology plan. Your final plan may not look exactly like this, but it's a good place to start!

Tech Plan Outline

GPLS IT Technology Planning Info Session

GPLS IT offered a technology planning info session in June 2024, covering the reasons for having a technology plan document, what a technology plan looks like, how to create a technology plan, and resources offered by GPLS to assist in the technology planning process. 

Branding and Mergers

As libraries continue to rebrand and merge, GPLS IT is here to help by providing guidance on essential steps and best practices for technology-related items.

Checklist for updating branding or merging systems.pdf

IT Checklist for LIBrary REbrand/Merger

If we've missed anything important on the checklist above, please fill out the suggestion form to let us know!

LIBRARY MERGERS PaNEL from Tech Boot Camp 2021

Hosted by: Daniel Zeiger

Speakers: Shelly Baker, Nancy Condon, David Daniels, Virginia Marie Greene, Deborah Hakes, Kevin Sweat, Hetal Vyas