Telescope KIT InstructionS and guide

If you have received this Telescope in one of our Technology Loaner Kits please watch the videos below to see how to use the device, and setup it up. Also you can see how to use the  Stellarium app that's installed on the Andriod tablet that comes along with the Kit. Once finished please also follow the written instructions further down this page.

All about The Gskyer Telescope

Using the Stellarium App for Beginners

Using the Stellarium App to Explore Space

specs, Written Instructions, and quick setup guide:



Gskyer is a completely coated optics glass lens with high transmission coatings, with a focal length of 400mm (f/5.7) and a 70mm aperture, delivers breathtaking images and protects your eyes. Astronomers can use this telescope to study the stars and the moon. Two replacement eyepieces and one 3x Barlow lens are included in the package. Each eyepiece’s magnifying power is trebled with a 3x Barlow lens. Finding objects is simple with this 5×24 finder scope, which comes with a mounting bracket and cross-hair markings on the inside. It contains one smart phone adapter and one wireless camera remote, allowing you to simply explore the globe through the screen and capture beautiful heavenly photographs. With an adjustable aluminium alloy tripod and a carry bag, this telescope allows for many various viewing positions. The telescope and tripod can both fit within the bag for simple travel and storage.

How to use Gskyer Telescope.

Following the given steps to use the Gskyer telescope:

quick setup guide

Note, this quick reference guide can also be found inside the Kit. 

The setup should look these photos. 

When finished with the telescope, please make sure all the pieces are placed back inside the tech kit. If any piece(s) is missing or damaged please contact