3D Scanning Kit

Matter & Form Mfs1V2 3D Scanner V2 +Quickscan, 65 Second Scans, Black

The Matter & Form V2 3D scanner +quick scan is the next evolution of desktop 3D scanning

Equipped with Matter & Form +quick scan software. The V2 allows you to get complete geometry in as little as 65 seconds

The perfect 3D printing companion. The V2 is designed to integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Simply scan, mesh and Export your creation, to be used with any 3D printer in the world.

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EinScan H

The EinScan H is a Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Full-Color 3D Scanner


With algorithms designed to handle organic objects -- like people or faces -- the EinScan H excels at picking up moving, smooth objects, and uses infrared light to gather its data. Natively supporting a full-color mode, the EinScan H is the best option for full-body scanning, and medical scanning, for applications like prosthetics or castings. 

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dell xps 13 9310

This XPS 13 inch laptop, which features up to 11th Gen Intel processors and 4K display, perfectly caters to your home computing and entertainment needs.

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