Vive VR TLK Instructions

Vive VR TLK instructions – Written and video instructions below:

Pick a room

Note: In addition to Room Scale VR, SteamVR and the HTC Vive also support Seated and Standing VR experiences.

Install Base Stations

Unpack your Base Stations. Make sure you have:

Determine where you want to set up your base stations.

Set up each base station securely.

Plug your base stations into an outlet with the provided power cords.

If the provided power cord is too short to reach an outlet, any 12V power cable extension will work.

Look at base station LEDs and make sure they are solid green.

If both base station LEDs don’t turn green after 10-15 seconds, something may be wrong:

The base stations may also be out of sync. If so, try to put each base station into the correct mode for syncing by:

If your room makes it impossible for the bases to see each other (and the LED is purple), there is another way to sync.

Install Headset

Unbox your Headset. Make sure you have all of the following:

Get Situated

Connect the Link Box to your Computer

If you are not using the included machine: Once you have connected your Link box to your PC, DO NOT unplug it. Important drivers will immediately start installing, and interrupting this can lead to a faulty hardware installation.

Your devices should now be set up like this:

2. Get the Headset situated

Steam and SteamVR

Connect your Controllers

Room Setup and SteamVR Tutorial

Video tutorial:

How to adjust your Headset

1. Adjust the top and side straps of your Vive so that it fits securely and comfortably by spinning the knob on the back. 

2. Adjust eye relief: your Vive ships at the most ideal setting for most people (including people who wear glasses), so only adjust this if your eyelashes or glasses are touching the Vive lenses.

3. Adjust the IPD of your Vive (do this once you are set up and in VR). This may not be necessary for each person, but if they are having trouble seeing clearly it can help.

Headset Lens Care

Headset Errors

If you are getting a "Headset Not Detected" error on SteamVR, or your Headset LED is red and the displays are dark, do the following:

Computer or software errors, or login information:

If you have any issues with software on the machine or need to login to something and don’t have the credentials, please contact:

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